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Exit Visa to European countries

Schengen visa for citizens of Uzbekistan. Making a Schengen visa to Europe (Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia) in Tashkent.

Schengen visa is required in the following countries:
Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Estonia.

General documents for obtaining a visa:
1. A passport with a valid OVIR or international passport.
2. Reference on letterhead with the position and information about the salary for the year, with the signature of the director and chief accountant and stamp of the company. download sample
3. Certificate of provided vacation on letterhead with the signature of the director and the company’s seal. download sample
4. If the tourist is the owner of the company, then the documents are presented to the company: registration of the company in the Municipality, license and charter of the company, original and copies.
5. A statement from currency accounts, sources of a financial covering of a trip.
6. Biometric photographs of the passport sample (3.5×4.5mm) taken on a white background, matte 70% of the face in the photo should be visible.
7. Correctly completed questionnaires. download sample questionnaire
8. Medical insurance policy, business tariff
Documents issued by travel company:
1. Voucher – paid hotel reservation, original and copy
2. Booking of a return ticket.
3. A letter of guarantee from a travel company addressed to the consul of the embassy.
4. Tour program of a tourist.

List of visa-free countries for citizens of Uzbekistan 2019
– Azerbaijan (90 days)
– Antigua and Barbuda (6 months)
– Armenia
– Bangladesh (90 days, visa at the border)
– Barbados (28 days)
– Belarus (90 days)
– Haiti
– Grenada (90 days)
– Georgia
– Dominica
– Indonesia (Bali) (30 days)
– Kazakhstan
– Kyrgyzstan
– Mauritius (visa at the border)
– Malaysia (30 days)
– Maldives (visa at the border)
– Micronesia
– Moldova (90 days)
– Namibia (visa at the border)
– Nauru
– Nepal (visa at the border)
– Niue
– Palau
– Pitcairn
– Russia (90 days)
– Western Samoa
– Seychelles (30 days)
– Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (30 days)
– Thailand (visa at the border)
– Tuvalu
– Turkey (90 days)
– Tunisia (1 month)
– Ukraine (90 days)
– Philippines (30 days)
– Sri Lanka (30 days)
– Ecuador

Schengen for citizens of Uzbekistan.
1. Passport (original) with OVIR or International Passport.
2. Photo on a light background 3×4 – 2pcs (70% – 80% of the face should be visible)
3. Certificate of birth of the traveler (original + copy with notarized)
4. Marriage certificate, passport of spouse and relatives)
5. Reference from the place of work. The reference text should contain the following information:
– A certificate is provided on letterhead indicating the current address and phone numbers of the employer’s institution that issued the reference.
– The full name of the institution, the employer, the personal data of the employee who is issued a reference.
– Occupation, monthly salary for the last 6 months.
– The reference must be signed by the head of the organization and the chief accountant or head of the personnel department.
6. Reference of leave or business trip.
7. Labor book or pension card (original and copies).
8. Documents confirming the availability of funds:
– A reference from the bank on the availability of a currency account of $ 2000 per person.
9. For founders:
1. After having placed the charter with you at the embassy, attach a copy with the translation of 1, 2 pages to the documents.
2. A reference from the tax inspectorate that the operating firm has no debts.
10. For traveling with children:
– Permission of a father or mother certified by a notary (if only the child travels with one of the parents).
– A copy of the child’s birth certificate.
-Documents from the place of study and a reference that at the time of the trip the child has a vacation.
– Child’s photo
– Sponsorship letter from the parent that all costs incurred
Documents issued by travel agency:
– Warranty letter from the travel agency.
– An invitation from the host side + tour program (by fax to the Embassy).
– Booking of air ticket and hotels.
– Medical insurance.
All documents must be translated into English.
The term of 10 days.
Consular fee: 60evro.

Austria Malta Estonia
Belgium Netherlands
Hungary Norway
Germany Poland
Greece Portugal
Denmark Slovakia
Iceland Slovenia
Spain Finland
Italy France
Latvia Czech Republic
Lithuania Sweden
Liechtenstein Switzerland