Tashkent International Airport provides for the organization of a special reference board to notify foreign guests about various changes in the field of tourism and general assistance.

The plan provides for the establishment of a Tourist Service Center in the Arrival Hall №2 and this center will consist of a structure in the form of a circle comprising six divisions. Each unit will notify foreign guests about the tourist field of activity of our country, and the latest flights and routes for traveling around the country.

This center will provide tourists with guides on cities, a tourist SIM card, fact sheets with information about the location of hotels and restaurants, and places of leisure. In addition, experts of the center will acquaint tourists with the rules of stay within the country. To date, the State Committee of Tourism has prepared 95 thousand flyers, where the tourist possibilities of the homeland are revealed to the smallest detail.

Prior to this, the State Committee on Tourism of Uzbekistan planned to organize such reference points for tourists near the sights, railway stations, airports and hotel complexes. In the same place, guests will be able to purchase air and train tickets, vouchers for short tours around the country, passes to city cultural events, as well as SIM cards for personal use. In addition, special fixed and mobile info-kiosks will soon be installed, which will fully provide tourists with a map of the city, data on catering establishments. Also, with the help of such kiosks it will be possible to call a taxi, buy a SIM card, various gifts to relatives and tickets to museums. The program will be implemented according to a public-private partnership plan.