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Greetings from the director

“Travel, as the greatest science and serious
science helps us to find ourselves again”

(Albert Camus)

Greeting from the director of the company

To our business partners and friends!

Many centuries ago a picturesque oasis – Uzbekistan bloomed in the very heart of Asia! This is a country of fairy tales and legends, wonderful natural landscapes and masterpieces of architecture. This is a country of bright contrasts and centuries-old traditions. The oldest temples and palaces coexist with modern skyscrapers, a rich historical heritage harmoniously complemented by modern scientific and technical achievements. The famous oriental hospitality is ideally combined with the European level of service.

Our every guest takes a piece of sunny Uzbekistan in his heart and many wonderful impressions, new discoveries.

Each of our tour to Uzbekistan is a fascinating journey filled with unforgettable moments!

A trip to Uzbekistan is a unique opportunity to travel back many centuries, to explore the richest ancient history of cities on the Great Silk Road, to follow the routes of great generals, to touch the most ancient cultural treasures.

The wondrous beauty of the nature of Uzbekistan has inspired writers, poets and philosophers for many centuries. Contemporaries also do not cease to admire the smooth outlines of the mountains, winding riverbeds, carrying the crystal clear water through the desert and oases. And how glorious among the sands are the lush green valleys and sky-blue lakes!

In Uzbekistan you can enjoy the delicious juicy fruits and vegetables ripening on fertile lands under the sunbeams. There are legends all over the world about the wealth of our national cuisine! Here is a paradise for gourmets!

Amber plov, melting in the mouth manti, crunchy samsa, and flatbreads that exude a wondrous aroma are so seductive that it is impossible to resist.

Modern Uzbekistan (link to Uzbekistan page) is a synthesis of ancient heritage and innovative technologies, highly developed infrastructure and a wide range of tourist services.

Anor Travel provides a full range of travel services: ticket booking, accommodation, transportation services, leisure activities, outdoor activities and business events. Even the most demanding tourists will be satisfied with our service!

We offer a wide range of services in a different price range: from low-cost tours to exclusive programs.

Our travel company, whose reputation is impeccable, carefully approaches the selection of employees. Therefore, we employ only the best specialists.

We suggest you to contract corporate service agreement if you are interested in the qualitative rest of your employees.

Glad to see you on our land of grace! With the oriental hospitality,

General Director,
Rakhmonova Feruza