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Shahrisabz is a “green city”, and this is true in the literal sense, and not just in Persian. There is an incredible amount of green here. This is a real oasis in the desert with marvelous fountains and magnificent buildings, incredibly delicious national dishes and friendly people.

The city is over 2700 years old. It is the oldest in the Uzbek land, and its history is very surprising and informative. Initially, in the 3rd century BC, farmers lived here. Then the city became a major shopping center at the crossroads of the Great Silk Road. However, it is better known as the birthplace of the great Tamerlane (Amir Temur). This ruler was famous not only for his military exploits and conquests, but also for creative deeds. During his reign, cities flourished, real masterpieces of architecture were built. Timur did not forget about the city in which he was born, making it his residence. Here Ak-Saray and other architectural masterpieces are built. The ancient name of the city is Kesh.

Shakhrisabz city

Modern Shakhrisabz lives a bright, dynamic life. At the same time, there are still a lot of artisans here, national traditions and rituals are observed, and handmade items are very popular in everyday life.

In the photo you can see the sights of Shakhrisabz, but it is better to visit it personally.

Sights of Shakhrisabz

The most famous attraction of this city is, of course, Ak-Saray, the residence of Tamerlane. You will be amazed by its grandeur and elegance, the luxury of decoration and the nobility of forms.

It is also worth visiting the Kok-Gumbaz mosque, the family tomb Dorus – Saodat, Dorus – Tilliwat, the mausoleum of Shamsiddin Kulol.

All of these sites are on the UNESCO heritage list and under its protection.

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