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Samarkand is the most beautiful and mysterious city in Uzbekistan, which enchants tourists with its special charm and fabulousness. It is a city of a thousand and one nights. It is the second largest city in the Republic, and is located in the center of the Great Silk Road.

Its age is estimated in the millennia, on a level with ancient Athens and Rome.

The more ancient name of the city is Marakand, which is known as the capital of Sogdiana. The first mention of him was found in the Avesta, dating back to the sixth century BC.

Samarkand city

Truly the city flourished under the rule of Amir Timur. This ruler made the city the capital of his state and invested a lot of manpower and resources in its prosperity. Majestic oriental-style architectural structures were built, some of which have survived to the present day.

Timur’s dream was to make the city the capital of the whole world – “Samarkand is my blue city, my diamond, the capital of my world empire”.

Here were collected the best masters and craftsmen, art, science and culture. The city developed very quickly, accumulating the richest cultural heritage that reached its contemporaries.

Sights of Samarkand

It is a luxurious masterpiece of ancient architecture. The architectural style inherent in its buildings was copied by other great rulers in their buildings. So, for example, Gur-Emir served as a prototype for the Taj Mahal. Before that, no one built with such a luxurious grace and grandeur. Timur immortalized his name and his Timurid dynasty in these buildings.

Registan Square is one of the main sights of Samarkand. Here Tilya-Kori madrasah (golden-woven mosque), Ulugbek madrasa and Sherdor madrasah are located. Also known throughout the world such masterpieces of ancient architecture and architecture as: the Shahi-Zinda Ensemble, the tomb of Tamerlan Gur-Emir, the Ulugbek Observatory, the imam Al Bukhari complex, the mausoleum of the Prophet Daniel.

The city is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

The photo shows the sights of Samarkand in all their greatness and beauty. However, thousands of tourists come here to personally see these pearls of the East, to touch the great history.

Our guides will be happy to show you the most interesting things and, if necessary, organize individual excursion tours, selected solely according to your preferences.

Samarkand fascinates with its majestic beauty and impresses with its rich history. Therefore, tourists coming to Uzbekistan (link to chapter) certainly want to visit Samarkand. If you decide to spend your vacation in a sunny and hospitable Uzbekistan, our specialists will help to make it as pleasant as possible, rewarding and full of various impressions and emotions.