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Nukus is the capital of Karakalpakstan, located in the northern part of Uzbekistan. Nukus is situated among the three deserts. This is a relatively young city, but thanks to archaeological excavations, the remains of the ancient Shurchi city, built by the Khorezm state in the 3rd century BC, were discovered here.

Nukus city

It is a modern industrial city and administrative center with a developed infrastructure and transport network. Tourists are attracted here by the famous oriental hospitality of the inhabitants, oriental bazaars, ancient legends and traditions, and camel rides in the desert.

Sights of Karakalpakstan

The photo shows the sights of Nukus, but by visiting them personally, you will feel the special energy of these places, learn a lot of new and interesting things.

The State Museum named after I. Savitsky provides an opportunity to get acquainted with archaeological finds, a collection of paintings by Russian avant-garde artists of half of the 20th century.

Janbas-Kala is an ancient settlement dating from about the 4th century BC.

Mizdakhan complex is also interesting for tourists. Not far from it is the mausoleum of Chamun-Nabi, dedicated to the great magician and healer.

“World clock” Seven domes of the mausoleum Chamun-Nabi – a legendary place, a favorite of tourists.

Ayaz-Kala is a fortress in the wind, fanned by many legends and secrets.

Muinak is a place known as a ship graveyard.

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