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Navoi city is often called a fabulous mirage in the middle of the desert. The city is named after Alisher Navoi, the great poet and thinker. This modern industrial center is indeed a living oasis among the sand dunes and it keeps many ancient secrets and legends. During archaeological excavations, many interesting things from the life of ancient civilizations were discovered here. In antiquity, there were important trade routes connecting East and West.

Navoi city

The many-sided climate of this zone, which is different in different periods, is attractive for tourists. The cold winter gives way to the green of spring, then comes the sunny and hot summer, followed by the rainy autumn.

Sights of Navoi

In the photo you can see the sights of Navoi, but it is better to visit them personally.

The “Ruins of Caravanserai Malik Rabat” are located in the east of Navoi. You can get there by car.

In the north-east of Navoi is Sarmysh-Sai Gorge – a national park of petroglyphs, is considered a global treasure.

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