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Khiva is an ancient city-museum located right under the open sky of Uzbekistan, the pearl of the Khorezm oasis. Like the age of most of the historical centers of Asia, Khiva is about 2500 years old. Previously, the city was called Heyvak. This is the center of the northern branch of the Great Silk Road. On 25 hectares there is a majestic and magical past. It is a crossroads of cultural, religious and philosophical currents.

According to ancient legend, the founder of the city is Sim, the son of biblical Noah, who built the city around a well with miraculous water. That water had wonderful taste and brought good luck, and the well was preserved as an ancient relic.

Khiva city

The city is famous for its rich history. Great wars of conquest and liberation battles took place here. Earlier, Khiva was the capital of Khorezm, which was conquered many times by various rulers. Only after Timur conquered peaceful grace settled on this land, the city truly flourished during his reign.

Khiva is a major craft center of Uzbekistan.

Sights of Khiva

This city is very unusual, and incredibly rich in its cultural and historical heritage. The peculiar architecture and town planning glorified it to the whole world.

Khiva is a city consisting of the inner Ichang – Kala (located half of the auspices of UNESCO as the greatest historical heritage) and the outer Dishan-Kala cities.

The ancient part of Ichan -Kala is surrounded by defensive fences and has 4 gates. The minaret Kalta Minar, located here attracts attention with its uniqueness and it seems that this is a kind of idea of the architect. In fact, it is simply not completed. However, the half-built minaret looks impressive and extraordinary. A lot of tourists from all over the world want to visit it. There are totally 18 minarets in the fortress, including the highest.

Historical monuments such as Ata Darvoza, Muhammad Amin Khan madrasah, Juma mosque also attract the attention of tourists. You can see in the photo their beauty and greatness, but it is better to visit personally the legendary places of our planet.

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