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Jizzakh (uzb. Jizzax) is the administrative center in Uzbekistan, with a multi-ethnic population and an interesting history. Located in a mountainous area, on the Sanzar River, at the foot of the Nurota Mountains. Futher there is Hungry Steppe. The place is very original and colorful.

Jizzakh city

The name Jizzakh in Sogdian means “small fort”. There is also another version associated with limestone rock, which is abundant here. “Jizz” – hissing, and “ok” – white, translated from Sogdian. Travelers used stones for a fire, and when they poured water on them, they hissed and became white. There is also a version related to the climate of the region. In the summer there is a strong heat “Jiz”, and in the winter “Zach”, cold and damp, which is Jizzakh.

If you are in Jizzakh, do not forget to taste the dishes of national cuisine: Jizzakh Somsa, plov, jiz, tandir-kabob, balyk and others.

Sights of Jizzakh

In the photo you can see the sights of Jizzakh. However, it is better to feel the colorful energy of these places only by visiting them personally.

There are several interesting historical sites and museums that tourists from all over the world enjoy visiting. Also in the city there is a military aviation school.

You can relax in the local Zaamin sanatorium.

The nature of the region is amazing, preserved in the Bakhmal reserve.

It is also worth visiting Lake Aydarkul and Tamerlan Gates.

The local drama theater also deserves attention.

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