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The beautiful Bukhara is a true ancient pearl of the East, shrouded in mystery and legends. This city is over 2500 years old.

The historical and cultural heritage of Bukhara is incredibly impressive. According to one of the legends, the city emerged as a fortress built by Prince Siyavush. Many rulers lived here with their numerous retinue. Bukhara is located on the Silk Road and was also an international trade center.

Bukhara city

Modern Bukhara consists of the old and the new city, which are in perfect harmony, creating a kind of colorful environment. The greatness and originality of the historical part of the city is elegantly contrasted with modern Bukhara. Architects of bygone times and modern times are really talented.

Ancient monuments of architecture, mosques, minarets perfectly preserved, despite their considerable age. The streets of the old city keep secrets and energy of ancient times. There is a calm and silent atmosphere, filled with oriental flavors.

Sights of Bukhara

Perhaps the most architectural, cultural, and historical sights of Central Asia located in this city. In the photo you will see buildings, known throughout the world. Many tourists come here for special impressions, sensations and emotions. After all, a special spirit of great historical figures has been preserved here. And how many secrets and mysteries keeps this blessed land. Many sites are included in UNESCO heritage list.

Be sure to visit: Ark Fortress, Poi-Kalyan ensemble, Lyabi-Hauz architectural complex, Ismail Samani Mausoleum, Sitorai Mohi-Khos palace, Bahauddin Naqshbandy complex. This is a small list of glories of Bukhara.

Bukhara is also famous for its scientists and artists, whose names are captured in world history: Avicenna (Abu Ali Ibn Sino), Omar Khayyam, Abu Rayhona Beruniy, the great Sufi Bakhouddin Naqshband.

The cultural bloom of the city falls on the 10-11 century. At the same time, great discoveries were made by Bukhara scientists, which allowed the East to step far ahead of the West.

In Bukhara, you can also enjoy the luxury of Oriental cuisine, participate in numerous cultural events.

We are glad to meet you on the blessed land of Uzbekistan and organize a tour to Uzbekistan (link to chapter) with the maximum comfort for you. Visit Bukhara and touch the secrets of the history of mankind, feel the breath of time, discover incredible sensations, acquire new knowledge.